Sai Teja

I approached them for treatment of multiple fistula in Ano. Treatment relieved my situation a lot. I feel better and am really grateful for doctors in Hitam. Doctors are very friendly and they have lot of patience.


Excellent center for permanent treatment for piles and fistula through ayurvedic non surgical procedures. Team is superb with best care and lady doctor available all the day. Overall, a center you can rely.


Best center for all anorectal diseases like piles fissure fistula in ano and pilonoidal sinus. If you want no surgery this is the best place with team of experienced doctors and a lady doctor round the clock


Before Consulting Hitam: My problem is more dangerous! I suffered with both Piles, fissures and fistula. I cant Sit, Walk, and Play. I used so many medicines but no use. * After Consulting Hitam: Doctor had listen my problem and I totally cured my problem within 2 months ( Pain relief within 2 weeks ) Trust me! It is the best way to cure your problem.