Kshara Patana

Kshara patana or kshara karma

It is an unique ,very superior and safe technique metioned to treat haemorrhoids (piles) in susrutha samhitha.

This is a marvellous method to remove piles without using surgical knife or sutures.patient doesn’t lose a single drop of blood during the procedure. It is very sharp,instant and permanently remove the piles.

This procedure is done by application of a special ayurvedic medicinal preparation “apamarga teekshna kshara” on the desired pile mass. It is a very minimal invasive procedureand superior most when compared to any other method available till now.


This is a very laborious process which involves different steps from collection of whole plant of Achyranthus aspera to drying, burning ,filtration addition of sudhaa dravyam like oyster shells and addition of paste of plumbago xylanica.

Procedure of kshara patana or kshara karma .before the procedure:

Necessary investigations to be done
Patient is advised to take soft and light diet on the night before the procedure If necessary enemais given before the procedure


  • Patient is kept in lithotomy position on the theatre table
  • Part is cleaned
  • Local anaesthesia is given to the anal region
  • Slit proctoscope is introduce gently into the anal canal after simple dilatation and lubrication
  • The enlarged pile mass is exposed
  • Pile mass is wiped and anal canal is thoroughly packed with gauze to prevent injury to the normal tissue
  • Teekshna kshara is applie to the desired pile mass with a spatula
  • This is removed with application of jambeera swarasa after 45 to 55 seconds(duration of 100 maatraas)
  • The enlarged piles which are like cherry fruits become black jamoon fruit like masses
  • This indicates perfect removal of pile mass
  • If the pile mass doesn’t turned into black color, the application of teekshna kshara to be repeated
  • The same procedure can be done to the pile mass in other position also
  • Yasti madhu tailam or ghritham is to be infiltrated into the anal canal after the procedure
  • Patient is sent home after 30 minutes of observation

After the procedure

  • Regular follow up with infiltration of yasti madhu tailam or jatayadi ghritham into the anal canal for 21 days. This can be done by the attendant of the patient also
  • Sitz bath to be done
  • Smooth laxative to be taken regularly
  • Soft diet is advised for atleast for 21 days
  • After 21 days obliteration of piles with fibrosis at the site of pile mass will be achieved which ensure non recurrence of piles
Kshara patana acts on piles in two ways
  1. It cauterises the pile mass directly because of its corrosive nature
  2. It coagulates the protein in the hemorrhoidal plexus . The coagulation of proein leads to dissentigration of haemoglobin into haem and globin. Synergy of these actions results in decreasing the size of the pile mass
Further necrosis of the tissue in the hemorrhodal vein occurs. This tissue sloughs out as blackish brown discharge for 3 to 7 days. The tissue becomes fibrosed and scar formation is seen. Hemorrhoidal vein obliterates permanently and there is no recurrence of piles
Patient can go home by walk after 30 minutes of the procedure
No ned of hospitalisation
No need of general or spinal anaesthesia
No need of surgery
No knife no scissors no sutures
Pain is very minimal
No side effects if done by expert
No blood loss
No bed rest
No recurence