Post graduate of ayurvedic medicine in the speciality of Ayurvedic surgery from prestigious DR BRKR GOVERNMENT AYURVEDIC MEDICAL COLLEGE, HYDERABAD in January 2000 under NTR HEALTH UNIVERSITY -Graduatedin Ayuvedic medicine from famous DR NRS GOVERNMENT AYURVEDIC MEDICAL COLLEGE, VIJAYAWADA in june 1996 under ANDHRAPRADESH UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES -Worked as a professor and head of the department of post graduate department of shalya (surgery) in RAJIV GANDHI UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES -guided many MS ayurveda scholars -Head and chief proctologist of HITAM -Done more than 1000 different types of Fistula in ano - Done more than 500 kshara patanas for Piles and Pilonidal sinus -expert in treating all ano rectal problems -expert in treating piles with kshara patana (kshara karma) and he is the only one in telugu states doing this procedure in private sector -expert in treating simple and complicated fistulae in ano with kshara soothra treatment -expert in treating pilonidal sinus with modified technique in kshara soothra treatment along with kshara patana - Done more than 60 piles and fistula evaluation camps in KURNOOL,VIZAG, TIRUPATI, HYDERABAD and ANANTAPUR -conducted many CONTINUING MEDICAL EDUCATION (CME) programs for doctors in AP , telangana and Karnataka -trained many ayurvedic doctors regardingevaluation of ano rectal problems and kshara soothra treatment