Dr Chandra vani

she is the most senior ayurvedic female proctologist -Post graduate of ayurvedic medicine from prestigious DR BRKR GOVERNMENT AYURVEDIC MEDICAL COLLEGE,HYDERABAD in January 2000 under NTR HEALTH UNIVERSITY -Graduatedin Ayuvedic medicine from famous DR NRS GOVERNMENT AYURVEDIC MEDICAL COLLEGE, VIJAYAWADA in june 1996 under ANDHRAPRADESH UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES -Worked as a professor and head of the department in RAJIV GANDHI UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES for more than 7 years -guided many MD ayurveda scholars - chief lady proctologist of HITAM -attended many ksharasoothra camps organised by HITAM -Expert in treating female patients with passion and commitment - she is the only one lady proctologist doing kshara patana for piles